5 Best Places to Backpack In The World

Are you still deciding which country to choose for that adventurous trip you planned so much?

We have made a selection of the best places to backpack, which includes price, cultural heritage, beauty, safety and hospitality of the local people.

It is important to remember that the best country for a backpack is very relative and will depend on personal tastes. Therefore, we mention here different countries so that you can choose according to your own preferences, be they access to a great cultural heritage, natural beauty or more affordable prices.

Check out the best places to backpack and start planning the trip of a lifetime. One tip is to start or finish your backpack with a language course, even for a month!

Top Destinations to Backpacking: 4 Amazing Countries:

1. Germany:


The Germany is a great country for backpackers on duty and one of the best places to backpack, no doubt!

Besides finding beautiful landscapes that are worth knowing, this is one of the places with the best infrastructure in Europe for traveling.

Among the advantages of traveling through Germany is the extensive railway network that allows you to get to know several local cities and even nearby countries by train, which ends up saving a lot during your backpacking.

Beyond Munich and Berlin, there are stunning places in Germany that captivate backpackers from all over the world.

It is worth to include the traditional itineraries as well as the odd cities such as Cologne and visit Cologne Cathedral, which took 600 years to finally get ready.

Heidelberg is a charming city in Germany with beautiful scenery and local architecture quite colorful and charming.

Many students live in the area. So it is a relaxed place and well worth a visit. Include in the script Marburg, another beautiful university town that resembles fairy-tale scenarios with the presence of beautiful castles.

In Germany there are a variety of places to stay. The crucial tip to make the economic trip is to search for cheap hostels. Prefer the options that offer breakfast at will, so save on lunch.

Another suggestion is to make the most of public transport and the country’s extensive rail network, which gives access to many cities.

2. Ukraine:


A beautiful Eastern European country with excellent value for money in food and lodging considered one of the best places to backpack and venture out. After all, what do you have in Ukraine and why is it a very interesting place?

With vast historical and cultural wealth, you will find, in every corner of the Ukraine you visit, patriots who idolize the country.

You can start the tour of Kiev Capital, which has about 3 million inhabitants. To those fascinated by art, the city is a true mosaic, full of beautiful churches, sacred art and unique architectural beauty.

Religious spaces are traditional. In some of them, do not allow entry if you are not in skirt or scarf, in the case of women. Enjoy visiting St. Andrew’s, St

The Sophia Cathedral (listed by UNESCO) and the Golden Dome of the Monastery of St. Michael are the main churches of the city that will amaze the backpacker can its beauty.

In Kiev, there are excellent cheap accommodation options, such as Elements Hostels , located in the capital and within easy reach.

Just so you do not get lost in Ukraine doing your backpack, we separate this tourist map, check it out:

3. Nepal:


You did not expect that, did you? The Asian country is considered today one of the best places to backpack when we talk about affordable prices.

But this is not the only advantage of backpacking in Nepal. In Pokhara it is possible to venture into mountaineering and stand in front of the winding mountains of the Himalayas.

Besides saving on the trip, you will be impressed by the natural beauties and the cultural and peculiar aspects of the region.

Staying in Nepal is quite cheap if we compare it with other countries.

A shared room in the hostel costs approximately 400 NPR (rupees), which is equivalent to $ 16. A private double room costs around 600 NPR, in reality about R $ 20.65.

Transportation in Nepal is quite economical, in addition to the food.

It is possible to eat very well from 50 RPN. Enjoy enjoying the traditional cuisine very similar to the Indian with spices like curry, pepper, and saffron.

4. Thailand:


Still traveling through Asia, Thailand is another amazing country and one of the best places to backpack.

Enjoy the Phi Phi Islands, a beautiful environmental reserve perfect for those who want to explore nature and contemplate one of the most impressive spaces in the world.

As Phi Phi Islands has no lodging, the option is to camp and enjoy the following day to explore nearby beaches, such as Maya Beach, Phi Phi Don, among others.

The natural beauties of Thailand are the inspiration of many films. Like Khao Phing Kang, scene of the film 007, better known with the island of James Bond.

In order to enrich the historical backpacker’s heritage, Bangkok is well known for being the seat of the Kingdom of Sion in the 18th century, where the Wat Pho temple is located, a space dedicated to the Buddha and a giant statue that reveres it more than 50 meters away.

The cool of Thailand – and not by chance occupying a prominent position among the backpackers – is that it makes possible to know exuberant places and with great cost benefit.

Accommodation in Thailand:

On average hosting can cost $ 25 per person. The accommodations are quite comfortable, both in hostels and inns, although the facilities are simple; they are worthy spaces according to the price.

Do a good search before choosing the hostel or hostel in Thailand, check if it is included the morning coffee and carry out comparative prices. In Bangkok, capital of Thailand, there are many hostel options, among them the Suneta Hostel with organized accommodation and good evaluation of the guests.

The price is also another highlight of the hostel, averaging $ 15 with bed right and $ 35 for the private room, including the hearty breakfast and WiFi.

5. India:


India is famous for the rich culture and heritage of India, where thousands of tourists visit every year. India has various religions, places, a variety of cuisines and numerous spots for backpackers. Are you looking for vacations like a King. India is riddled with different types of luxury trains like Palace on Wheels, Maharajas Express, Deccan Odyssey. It also has different heritage spots and luxury hotels across all over the India. It’s all about how you are planning your trip to India and how you will spend your vacations. You can explore famous destinations like Delhi, Mumbai, Rajasthan, Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra and Leh Ladakh etc.

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