The Best Packing List for Family Vacation

Vacations are the best way to relax mind, reduce work stress and fresh up your mind. Going on vacation is a fun activity to do but planning for a vacation, can be a bit hectic and requires proper management.

Travelling can be more fun and enjoyable if it’s well planned. Packing is considered as one of the toughest tasks during traveling but it can become very easy if your packing is well planned and organized. Organized packing can save time and energy as well since in less time you can do all the packing without forgetting anything.

Here we are going to provide a packing list for family vacation by following which your packing can become easy and tension free. You can make a printable packing list for vacation and according to that checklist, you can do your packing.

Packing List for Family Vacation:

1. Checklist:


Make a printable packing list for a vacation trip. You can write all the things which you will need during your trip on it and do your packing according to that checklist. By making a checklist you can save your time and energy during your packing.

2. Bags:


The first thing on the packing list for a family vacation is a bag. It is very important to have good bags according to the number of things your about to carry for your trip. The bags should be large enough and have a great capacity for more stuff to carry in it. By having larger bags, less number of bags will be required.

Bags should have compartments in them so that the packing will be more organized and you can keep your things separately in those compartments.

3. Clothes:

planning your vacation trip carry the clothes

According to the place, your planning your vacation trip carry the clothes. Packing of the clothes should be according to the climatic conditions. Pack your clothes smartly like carry a pant which can go with many shirts so that you don’t need to carry many clothes.

4. Shoes:


Carry those shoes which you can wear with many dresses, by doing this you don’t need to carry many matching shoes and your bags will be lighter in weight. Since this packing list is for a family vacation so less and important stuff should be packed since there will be many stuff of your children as well so you don’t need to overweight your bags.

5. Accessories:

Accessories include sunglasses, hats, scarves, jewelry and many other things. You can keep your jewelry in a small box to keep your thing well organized.

6. Digital Gadgets:


Digitals gadgets like camera, mobile, tablets, iPad, laptops which must be kept in a separate bag. Keeping them in a separate bag will help your stuff save and you can take care of your valuable and sensitive stuff more.

You can keep the wires like headphones, chargers, connecting cables in a box or in a zipper bag. Putting them in zipper bags can prevent the wires from mingling.

7. Snacks:


If you are planning your vacation in the same state or its a camping, hiking type of vacation trip it is important to keep some snacks along with yourself. Keeping snacks with you can be life-saving when your traveling with your family and kids.

8. Drinks:


Always keep water or hydrating drinks along with you during your traveling trips as during vacations people don’t drink enough water and juices and there are chances of them getting dehydrated.

The recommended water intake is 2 to 2.5 liter or makes up 8-10 glasses of water.

9. Medicines:


Always keep the basic medicines along during your travel as many people get sick due to the environmental changes they face during their traveling trip. When traveling with family and kids it is more important to keep all the safety and health-related basic things including medicines along so that you don’t miss anything since kids have sensitive health and they get sick very easily.

Travel Mamas Packing List:

When you are traveling with family it is important to make travel mamas packing list which is a list including all the essential things which children need during a vacation.

Following are some of the things which your child will need during your vacation trip.

10. Diaper Bag:


Carry a diaper bag including all the essential things which your child will require on a daily basis. You can keep this diaper bag along with you during your trip so that you will be assured that you have all the things which your child might need. carry a few diapers in it.

11. Wipes:


carry baby wipes along which are not only useful during diaper changing but also useful for many things. Cleaning off the table or anything can be done, you can clean your hands, baby wipes can also be used as makeup removing wipes and hence they are very useful to keep along during your vacation.

12. Milk Bottles:


Carry feeder bottles and powdered milk in your baby bag if your baby drinks it.

Carry 2 or 3 feeder bottle in case one break or any other mishap happens you can use the other one.

13. Baby Clothes:


Carry some extra baby clothes as babies get their clothes dirty very fast and you never know when and where they will get their clothes dirty and need changing.

14. Creams:


Carry your children’s lotion, moisturizer, shampoo and soap along as children have sensitive skin. Every product does not suit on a child’s skin so it is important to keep their stuff along so that you don’t need to worry during your travel.

Carry a nappy rash cream as well.

15. Hand Sanitizers:

You can’t always keep an eye on your children or the things which your children are touching so it is essential to keep a hand sanitizer along so that you can apply it to their hands when they touch something dirty.

Carry a hand sanitizer in your bag daily so that your child will be bacteria free and clean.

16. Feeder Bottle Sterilizer:

When you’re going on a vacation with your toddler who drinks milk in feeder bottle it is very important to keep the feeder bottles germ free so keep a feeder bottle sterilizer along with you during your vacation trip.

It is important to set a germ free environment for your child’s overall health as many bacterial infections occur mostly to children. The reason for these infections might be due to the feeder bottles having germs on it or the child touching dirty things. Keeping sterilizer and sanitizer can prevent those bacterial infections.

17. Toys:


Kids want entertainment even when they are on vacations so the toddler packing list is incomplete without toys. Carry small toys along with you during your travel so whenever your child gets bored they can play with their toys.

Try taking those toys along which are lightweight and small in size so that less space will be occupied by them and they will be easy to carry as well.

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