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We all love to travel, enjoy the beauty of this world, different countries but during travel, a lot of things to give us stress, among them, one is finding the best outfits for your trip. For us girls, our clothes and getting well dressed up is an essential thing. The good dressing also enhances your overall personality as well as increase your self-confidence and self-esteem. Getting well-dressed up and getting ready also acts as an antidepressant activity for many people so why not get well dressed when you are experiencing some lively moments and creating some life long memories during your travel.

Dressing up can be super relaxing and increases your self-love which is very important as most of the women have a beautiful heart and soul who is always busy loving others and taking care of others. They don’t have time to love their own selves.It is a research as well that if you are upset to apply some red lipstick and you will feel more confident and happy.

Below are a few recommendations of the best travel outfits that you must keep in your traveling luggage.

Tank Top:

tanktop gripontrip

A tank top is a hit not only in daily routine but on vacations as well. The tank top is easy and the best choice. You can carry any type of tank top with you on your travel either a simple one or a bit stylish one having strips at the back. You can wear trousers, shorts, shirts, pants or a dungaree with your tank top.

Red Dress:

reddress gripontrip

No matter if it is a honeymoon, a couple of vacation or it is a ladies travel trip or your traveling alone to spice it up your dressing game, the red dress is a must to keep along. Red color always enhances the overall look either as a dress or a red lipstick.

Black Dress:

This is an era in which women are not considered weak, who always live in dreams, only think about their prince, love the pink color or barbie themes rather than it is the era of strong, independent, empowered women who are ready to build their own empires. No other colors can make you feel as strong, graceful and elegant, the way black color does.

Along with the black dress you can wear a black jacket or coat, black boot, and apply red lipstick, and you’re all set to rock your evening.

Jeans Short and Top:

You can wear jeans shorts with a white top, white joggers and a small stylish backpack on your shoulder. You can also enhance the look with bracelets and rings in your hand.

This look is not only simple and easy to carry but also looks cute and pretty as well. So on your vacation always keep some easy dressing options along with you so that you can feel comfortable as well.


If your going to a place which is filled with beaches and the weather is not so cold then you must carry a stylish attractive jumpsuit with you. Jumpsuits consume less area during packing. While wearing jumpsuits you don’t need to worry about the contrast and matching.

There are many types of jumpsuits, you can select a stylish one with some bows or strips at the back. You can wear slippers or any shoes with it, stylish sunglasses, a beach hat to get a more enhanced and pretty look.

Jeans with a White Top and a Long Coat:

If you want to game up your travel packing skills as well as your fashion sense you need to work smartly. Take those clothes along you which can go with many other things, take the example of the above outfit, jeans can go with many tops, a white top can go with jeans short, any skirt, or a trouser as well.
Take a coat or jacket along which can match with many dresses and you can wear it with a lot of outfits. White shoes can be worn with almost every outfit. With this type of smart packing, you don’t need to carry a lot of matching clothes.

Flapper Pants:

Everyone wears skinny jeans nowadays. Everyone has them, wears them and loves them but with time the trend must change. Sometimes doing a different thing can make you look more good. Similar in this case if you are tired of wearing skinny jeans everyday go can get flapper pants for you.

Flapper pants can go with a variety of tops and footwear. You can wear them with any combination of your choice and can create a simple, easy, different and classy look for yourself.

Beauty in Black:

Like me, if you are also in love with black than what can be better than doing a full casual but classy black dressing including a shirt, black pant, black coat, black boots and along with that you can have sunglasses or scarf also if it is cold at that place.

Dungaree Shorts With a Small Backpack:

No matter what is your age, it is never too late to dress up a little cute. Your traveling backpack should have all type of dresses from all glammed up to a simple daily wear dress as well as like having some cute dress like dungaree short along with a short backpack.

Off Shoulder Top:

Wearing an off-shoulder dress with a skirt or jeans short is all you need to look more beautiful and pretty during your vacation since this dressing is an all-time hit.

Wearing an off-shoulder dress with a skirt or jeans short is all you need to look more beautiful and pretty during your vacation since this dressing is an all-time hit.

Leather Jacket:

If you are planning your vacation in cold countries than your travel backpack must include a leather jacket.Leather jacket along with some hot sunglasses. It can overall enhance your look.


Most of the vacation places are beaches and traveling to any beach without good sets of bikinis is a big no. So do carry some hot sets of bikinis in your luggage to make your beach day a hit.

Sweater Dress (jumper) with Boots:

Sweater dress with boots is one of the best traveling outfits of you are traveling in a cold can have a simple sweater dress or do a hot stylish like the Kardashians.

CropTop and Trouser:

If you want to add some style and grace to your traveling outfits then carry a stylish crop top with a trouser of the same print and material. You can wear white shoes and sunglasses along with it.

Floral Print Dress:

If you are going to a countryside vacation trip or to a country full of greenery and rich in their culture than adding some colors and print to your outfit is a brilliant idea. You can wear a simple or colorful floral print dress which looks pleasant and pretty as well.

Beanie and Muffler Scarf:

Traveling in a cold place a good beanie hat and a muffler or scarf along with your whole dressing can keep you warm and enhance your overall look.

By doing simple and east efforts you can make wonders in your dressing style. The traveling dressing should be according to the weather and the place where you are traveling but just keeping these few looks in mind, your traveling luggage can have the best traveling outfits and can make you fell in love with yourself as well.

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