Cheap Family Vacation Ideas In 2019

Being a traveler we know how much it is fun to travel to different countries of the world but along with that we also know how much difficult it is to travel considering the economic condition of most of the people.Many countries are highly expensive and everyone cannot afford to travel them, since people who want to travel in the budget, they seek for the options which are less expensive and the places are beautiful to visit as well.

Every country has its own culture, traditions, beautiful land and sights to visit.It depends on the traveler what are their priorities? Which type of country do they want to visit? What is their traveling budget? For how many persons are there in your trip?

If you want an answer to all these questions then you are in the right place because below we are going to provide you the top 14 cheap places to travel in 2019 giving you the best cheap family vacation ideas making your trip with your family most enjoyable and memorable as well.

Below is the created list of 14 countries which are super pocket-friendly to visit:

1. Thailand:

cheap family vacation ideas thailand

If you are planning a budget-friendly vacation trip then Thailand is the best recommendation for you, since it has many beautiful places to travel and overall this place is a whole package having beautiful beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving, parachute gliding and much more activities to do on those beaches. The food street and massage places in Thailand are best.

Thailand budget starting from the flight tickets, hotels, food, shopping everything in Thailand is very reasonable making it one of the best cheap family vacation places for anyone.

Below are a few recommended places that you can visit in Thailand

  • Phi Phi islands
  • Phuket island, there are different beaches, historical places, festivals happen in there, a good option for shopping as well
  • Chiang Mai: a city in Thailand having mountains, ancient temples, safari, museum and many more to do
  • Long Beach, at Koh Lanta island
  • Bamboo island
  • Mai Khao beach
  • Palm Beach.

2.  Malaysia:

cheap family vacation ideas malaysia

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country which is famous for its beaches, rainforests, festivals, museums, different culture mixtures like Chinese Indian European and Muslim are there. Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia famous for its resorts, shopping malls and sky touching tall buildings.

Malaysia is a very economical and budget-friendly place to visit as it is much reasonable and cheaper compared to the European countries.

Following are some places you can visit in this country:

  • Dark mansion It is a 3D art museum which glows more in dark. You and your toddler will surely enjoy here
  • Penang 3D trick art museum, another museum fun to visit with your kids and clicking 3D photos
  • Glass Museum, located in Penang a museum having art made by the glass will be a new interesting and informative place for you and your kids.
  • Pantai Cenang beach
  • Juara beach
  • Monkey beach
  • Long beach
  • Desaru beach
  • Black sand beach
  • Mossy forest
  • Malaysia national park

3. Qatar:

cheap family vacation ideas qatar

Qatar is an Arab country. Doha is its capital city, the city is famous for its futuristic skyscrapers, beautiful architecture of its building remembering the Islamic culture, shopping malls, museums and many more.

4. Uzbekistan:

cheap family vacation ideas uzbeksitan

Uzbekistan is a Muslim country in central asia. Tashkent is its capital. This country is famous for its architecture, Mosques, is a safe vacation spot and a very cheaper one as well.

5. Azerbaijan:

cheap family vacation ideas azerbaijan

If you want to get budget-friendly traveling ideas and suggestions and at the top of it the place should be beautiful and interesting to explore, where you and your family can enjoy the trip than Azerbaijan is a country must to add in this list. The capital of this country is Baku which is a famous traveling spot nowadays.

cheap family vacation ideas azerbaijan

Baku is a very beautiful old city rich in culture and architecture, it has beautiful ancient buildings, palace, towers made up of stones.

Travel to Azerbaijan? Do check below listed are few must-visit places in Baku

  • Maiden tower
  • Mini Venice
  • Carpet museum
  • Fire temple
  • Gosha gala gapisi
  • Baku zoological park
  • Highland Park

6. New Mexico:

cheap family vacation ideas new mexico us

It is a US state. Santa Fe is its capital. It is the cheapest vacation place where you can go with your family as you can travel by road as well, especially from Miami it has a by road distance. It is a very good place for camping and hiking.

In this state, many cities like Taos, Aztec, Folsom, Los Alamos are surrounded by beautiful historical architecture, museums, hiking spots and many more.

7. Brazil:

It is a South American country. Brasilia is its capital. This country is famous for like music, beaches, festivals, beautiful costumes, traditions, and a strong heritage of culture. It is a budget-friendly place to visit for a family vacation. The food in this country has a very strong and mouthwatering taste.

cheap family vacation ideas

8. Iran:

Iran is a country situated in the Middle East. Tehran is its capital. It is a country having one of the oldest and strongest civilizations of the world. The architecture of this country is appreciable, the mosque, tombs, palace, art, desert, museums, and many more things are the interest of tourists.

It is one of the cheapest and pocket-friendly vacation spots.

9. Sri Lanka:

cheap family vacation ideas in srilanka

Sri Lanka is a South Asian country and Colombo is its capital. Sri Lanka is famous for its rainforests, highlands, sandy beaches, ancient Buddhist ruins and many more. Following are some of the ideas and suggestions of the places you can visit in Sri Lanka

Like the other Asian countries, Sri Lanka can be much economical for you and budget friendly. You can travel in this country for more days, in less money as compared to traveling in France, Switzerland and many other countries for a few days, in more money.

  • Temple of the sacred tooth relic, in Kandy city
  • Royal botanical garden, in Kandy city
  • Udawattakele forest, in Kandy city
  • Polhena beach, Matara city
  • Matara beach, Matara city
  • National Museum of Colombo, in Colombo city
  • Gangaramaya temple, in Colombo city
  • Galle faces green, in Colombo city.

10. Portugal:

cheap family vacation ideas portugal

It is a Southern European country. Lisbon is its capital. It is a country bordered with Spain. This country is famous for its architecture which is a blend of French and Spanish ancestry like, beautiful sea and beaches, art, festivals.

It is a much cheap country to travel and is not very far. The country is safe as well and the environment is very peaceful. If you want to get your vacation spot in Europe so it is a very budget-friendly country to visit.

Following are some of the places so you can visit Portugal

cheap family vacation ideas lisbon portugal
  • Belem tower
  • Park and national palace of Pena
  • Castelo de S. Jorge
  • Portimao beach
  • Lagos beach
  • Algarve beach
  • Cascais beach and resort.

11. Indonesia:

cheap family vacation ideas indonesia

The main attraction to Indonesia is Bali, which is famous for its forests, mountains, landscape, beaches and coral reefs. It is a newly discovered place to the travel world and is known to get good travel exposure from the previous few years due to beautiful places which are candy to the eye. It will also be much economical and cheaper to travel with your family.

Following are some ideas and suggestions for places to travel in Bali

  • Bingin beach
  • Gitgit waterfall
  • Kuta beach
  • Pandawa beach
  • Dreamland beach
  • Bali Zoo
  • Waterboom Bali

12. Egypt:

cheap family vacation ideas egypt

Egypt is a country linking northeast Africa and the Middle East. The Cairo is its capital. Many people have doubts about the safety of this country but in reality, this country is extremely safe to travel, will be pocket-friendly as well.

If you and your family love ancient culture and civilization and want more knowledge about the past, want to see beautiful buildings made up of stone and sand, deserts, want your vacation to be cheap to pocket and informative as well than travel Egypt, the right place for you.

cheap family vacation ideas

Egypt is known as the valley of king’s tomb. Here you can see great architecture like the famous Egypt pyramids (Giza necropolis), the great sphinx of Giza, museums, desert safari, and many more places.

13. Turkey:

cheap family vacation ideas

Turkey is a country present in the Middle East, rich in its ancient culture and full of beautiful building and sights. Famous cities of turkey include Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, and Konya among which Ankara is the capital of Turkey. Istanbul is the most famous and largest city of Turkey filled with ancient culture.

If you are a historical places lover then Turkey is the best option for you, where you can see their beautiful culture in their lifestyles and in their architecture as well. This country is full of historical places, beautiful museums, tasty food and what can be more famous than the famous social media trend (Turkish ice cream), now available in many counties but this mouthwatering desert was originated in Turkey, originally known as dondurma.

cheap family vacation ideas

Here are few recommendations of places you can visit in Turkey: Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapi Palace Museum, Dolmabahce tower, Galata tower, The Blue Mosque, Mount Arafat, the library of Celsus, Istanbul archeology museum, Mevlana museum.

For shopping, you can visit the mall of Istanbul, art by Emre, the forum of Istanbul and many more which you and your kids will surely love.

It is a very cheap country to travel because of the currency difference between turkey and the united states is more so this place will be very cheap for you.

14. Italy:

cheap family vacation ideas italy

Italy is a European country. Rome is the capital of this country. Along with Rome, its major cities include Venice, Milan which are considered one of the most beautiful cities. The architecture of the building there is ancient, classic and beautiful to see. The specialty of this country is without any doubt is its cuisine which is now adopted by most of the countries of the world and people love eating pizza, pasta, lasagna, bread and a lot more in their daily routine.

italian pizza

Italy is a country famous for its cuisine, culture, peaceful environment and it is very economical where you and your family can enjoy the vacations.

The most of the countries in this list are Asians because these countries are very economical and cheaper as compared to European, some European countries are also added in this list to which you can travel by road and comparatively they are cheaper .Due to the currency difference, these countries are very budget-friendly. All these countries are very beautiful in their own way, each country has its own tradition and culture. we hope that these cheap family vacation ideas were helpful for you and it will make your next vacation super fun and pocket-friendly as well.

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