Guideline for Best Beach Camping Trip

A vacation should be planned at a place which is fun and joyful as well as the sight of that place gives peace to your mind. What can be a better option for planning your camping trip than a beach?

Beaches are the perfect places for a joyful camping trip. They are quiet and peaceful places for a trip. The sound of the seashore relaxes our mind and gives us mental peace.

Here are some of the ideas and suggestions for your guidance to plan a beach camp trip.

Beach Selection:

beach selection

To make your best beach camping a success first, you need to select a beach spot where you will plan your camping trip. Try to select a beach which has a beautiful view, is less crowded and you can reach there easily that is the travel duration should not be very long.

After selecting your beach camping spot, you can create a planning list for all the activities you will do there. Make a checklist for all the essential you will carry along with you as well.

Camping Essentials:

There are some essentials which you need to carry for your camping trip. Some of the camping essentials are listed below:

1. Camping Tent:


A camping tent is essential to carry with you on your camping trip. There are different types of camping tents available, among which you can buy the tent of your choice.

2. Sleeping Bag:


Second most important camping essential is a sleeping bag, which is also of different types and you can select one according to your preference.

3. Wood Burning Camp Stove:


If one has not sat near the campfire then his camping trip is surely incomplete. So take a wood burning camp stove or a fire pit grill along. You can cook food on it. At night the campfire is a fun activity to do and a beautiful scene to eyes as well.

4. Chairs:


You can carry some chairs along, for a nice sitting gathering. Different types of chairs you can have among which foldable chairs and plastic chairs are most convenient. These chairs are lightweight, so easy to carry as well.

5. Clothing:

If we talk about the clothes, so the clothing of a beach trip is no doubt the best among all camping trips. In a beach camp, you don’t need to wear layers of jacket and warm clothes since you wouldn’t be shivering with cold there.

In the best beach camping trip, you can wear the clothes according to the fashion, style and your comfort like shorts, dresses, and of course some good sets of the bikinis. Similarly, men can wear shorts and go shirtless or have some nice t-shirt or beach style shirts.

Following things are recommended to keep in your clothing bags

1. Baggage:


My recommendation will be to take one which has a lot of space and compartments so that the stuff will not mix and you can carry a lot of stuff in it as well.

2. Clothes:

You can carry clothes according to the weather of your camping spot. Mostly on beaches, people wear summer clothes but you can take a few warm clothes as well since at beaches it becomes a bit windy at night.

3. Footwear:


Take a pair of shoes and a pair of slippers for footwear.

4. Accessories:

To complete your perfect beach look you can wear some accessories along with your clothes. Some accessories are listed below

  • Sun Glasses:

You can wear some stylish and fancy sunglasses during the sunny days of your beach camp trip. You can buy nice fancy sunglasses from any online store.

  • Beach Hat:

A beach hat that is a must to carry the thing to complete your whole look. You can buy one from Amazon.

  • Scarf:

If you wear a dress you can wear a scarf on your neck as well to make it look more fashionable.

  • Gadgets:

Gadgets are one of the most essential things which you will need to take on our trip. You can take the following gadgets along with you:

Camera, cellphone charger, extra batteries, tripod stand. Do take waterproof cell phone covers along to keep them protected from water.

If you want more detailed guidance on the camping essential checklist you can further read 27 backpack essentials for camping.

  • Food:

You can do the meal preparations according to the days of your beach camp trip. You can prepare easy meals like steak, sandwiches, salads, pasta and many other which you can store for a long time. Take some ingredients along you so, you can cook them on the campfire stove.

For breakfast, you can take things like cereals, oatmeal’s, frozen fruits, and milk along.

You can take a lot of snacks like chips, biscuits, dry fruits, chocolates, and fruits along.

  • Drinks:

Drinking coffee and watching the seashores is candy to the eyes. So, a coffee maker is must to carry along. You can carry tea bags as well if you like to drink tea.

Carry a cooler bag along as well to keep juices, water, milk, frozen fruits and many more things in it which require refrigeration.

You can prepare fresh smoothies and store them in bottles, in a cooler bag which you can keep for up to 2 days without turning bad.

  • Entertainment:

At the beach camping, you can do the following activities to keep yourself entertained.

1. Beach Walk:


One of the best activities to do on a beach is to go for a walk. If you are planning a camping trip with your partner than a beach walk is one of the best romantic plans, you can do on your beach camp trip.

2. Volley Ball:


You can carry a volleyball and its net along and play volleyball. If you are planning your camping trip with friends or family then you can play volleyball in teams. Since it is more fun to play this game in teams.

3. Football:


You can play football on the beach as well. If you are planning your camping trip with a large number of people then you can play this game in teams and it will be a more enjoyable activity.

4. Surfing:


Writing an article about the beach camp trip and if I don’t mention surfing in it then it is definitely an unjustified act. You can take a surfing board along with the other safety things if you are a beginner on your beach camp.

Surfing in the sea is a lot of fun activity and if you are taking your kids along then you can teach them surfing as well.

5. Music and Bonfire:

If you know how to play guitar or any musical instrument then you can play that and if any of your camping partners can sing, they can sing around the campfire during night time. You can also play music on your cellphones and speakers and dance on those beats.

If you are camping with your partner then you can enjoy a romantic dance with your partner at the campfire side which will definitely be one of the most memorable and fun couple moments.

Camping is no doubt a very fun enjoyable and joyful trip to plan but it does require good and well-organized planning as well.

During camping your carry a lot of stuff along with you so, make sure that whatever you take along with you, bring that back as well and don’t leave any garbage or stuff at you’re camping spot.

The beach where you will plan your camping try to keep that as clean during your camping trip as it was before your arrival and do not create any mess there.

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