Healthy Snacks For International Flights

Healthy snacks for international flights is very important for a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle requires consistency, determination, and motivation towards health, following that lifestyle every day. As the world and technology are advancing, the environment is also getting toxic and hazardous, diseases are becoming resistant and to overcome those a stronger immune system is required.

Health is the most precious gift and a blessing itself, it is important to take care of this precious gift.

Diet is the most essential thing for a better healthy lifestyle. For a healthy life, it is important to eat healthily not only at the home but try eating healthy food during work, traveling and even during flights.

When you are traveling with a toddler it is very important to keep healthy snacks for yourself and for your child as well.

Here we will provide a few recommendations of healthy snacks for international flights.

1. Fruits:


The duration of travel is longer for international flights and fruits can be considered as one of the best healthy snacks for an international flight. You can pack the fruit of your choice in a zipper bag or in plastic boxes.

Fruits are a good option to carry during long flights and traveling as a majority of them do not deteriorate or rotten before 4-5 days.

While traveling with family, when you have kids along, carrying fruit as a snack is the most convenient and healthy option. Fruits are easy to pack and do not require any cooking.

Fruits are full of micronutrients like vitamins, potassium, iron, folic acid which are beneficial for our health. They are low in sodium, cholesterol, fats hence reduce blood pressure and bad cholesterol from the body. Fruits also detoxify our body. Many fruits are added in water to make detoxifying drinks.

2. Nuts:


Nuts or dried fruits are very easy to carry during traveling again you can pack them in a zipper bag or in a small container. They will not get deteriorated easily and even weeks or months you can use them if you will keep them in an airtight container.

They are full of nutrients like minerals, vitamins, proteins, fiber, good fats are present in them which makes them the best choice of the best food for long flights or healthy travel snacks for the plane.

3. Salads:


Salad is easy to prepare, pack and healthy snack for international flights. Salad or vegetables remain fresh easily for 1-2 days so you can easily carry it during your international travel on a plane.

Salads consist of different vegetables, some people add chicken chunks or cheese cubes in it as well along with different dressings and sauces.

Healthy eating is very important for the efficient working of our body and mind as well, not only in adults but also for kids as well as they need all micronutrients for their proper growth and development of the body as well as the brain.

Vegetables are low in calories, carbs, bad fat, and cholesterol. They are rich in micronutrients like vitamins, minerals like iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, folic acid, fiber, and many more things.

4. Protein Bars:


Protein bars are considered as a very healthy and energy providing snack which both adults and kids can eat. Many companies and food chain provide protein bars but if you are extra protective about health you can make it in the home as well. Protein bars are like biscuits made up of different ingredients which provide body energy, minerals, nutrients, and protein.

Most people eat it in breakfast, evening snack or before or after the workout session and give it to kids as a snack during day time.

Commonly protein bars are made up of peanut butter, coconut oil, flax seeds, some nuts, oatmeal, protein powder, flavorings like honey, cinnamon or some chocolate chips or chocolate syrup.


  • You can grind the solid ingredients and then in a pan add oil, peanut butter, and other liquid ingredients then add the powder and cook it for a while.
  • Take a tray and add baking paper on it then spread the oat and nut mixture.
  • Cut it into pieces like biscuits.
  • After it will dry the protein bars will be ready to eat and store.

5. Sandwiches:


Homemade sandwiches are a very healthy and easy cooking option which everyone loves to eat either adult or a kid. A sandwich is a good choice of food for a long flight as it does not get spoiled for 1 day and you can easily take it if you want a healthy snack option for your child.

Different easy sandwiches you can make like peanut butter sandwich, jam sandwich, omelet sandwich, grilled chicken sandwich or any other sandwich which you and your child like and is easy to make as well.

6. Nuggets:


Nuggets are not truly considered as a healthy food option as most people make them by frying in oil which makes them junk and not a healthy option. But you can make nuggets also by just toasting them on a nonstick pan by adding few drops of oil on them.

You can make nuggets in an air fryer or can bake them in the oven as well. Kids love eating nuggets, it will be a good option to carry a snack of their choice so they won’t tease you in eating.

7. Grilled Fish:


You can take grilled fish along with you during your long traveling as it is nutritious, easy to cook and easy to pack food. Take small finger fish or cubes, grill or toast it.

A drawback for this snack is that it can not be stored for a long time and does not remain fresh.

8. French Toast:


There are different recipes of french toast but mostly they are made in the marination of bread in egg, milk, honey, toasted in a pan. They are easy to cook and kids love to eat french toast.

You can pack them in a wrapping sheet of sandwiches or in boxes. They remain fresh for a day.

9. Zucchini Noodles:


Zucchini is considered a very healthy vegetable especially when you want to skip calories, you’re staying away from fats, and you are moving towards a low carb healthy vegetarian diet so, wheat noodles are replaced by zucchini noodles. Kids love noodles, which can be a healthier option than giving then vegetables in the form of noodles.

Zucchini noodles are nutritious, light to digest and are easy to cook. They can remain fresh for a day.

10. Beans:


Beans are easy to cook, remains fresh for a longer period of time and are a healthy source of the nutrient. They can remain fresh for 2-3 days. Beans are rich in fibers, proteins, folate, and many micronutrients.

11. Baked Fries:

Everyone loves fries, either adults or children. A healthier option of making fries is to bake them in an oven like we bake a sweet potato.

Many foods are not allowed in airports but few snacks are allowed as people travel with their kids and everyone does not prefer their child eating the food of airport, they prefer their child to eat homemade food. These snack ideas will be very helpful as these are among the best food for long flights, easy to make pack and eat as well.

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