Best Luxury Tour of Golden Triangle India

Planning to visit India? Visiting  Taj Mahal, Hawa Mahal is in your to-do list.

Even want to explore the heritage and rich culture of India. And, you are certainly looking out to spend luxurious comfortable and safe holidays with family, friends, or if lucky solo!!

But, you don’t know how to plan your trip to get the best of your expectations.

You google, and all you could see several ads and pages boasting Golden triangle India tour package for 3 days, 4 days or 5 days.

What is the Golden Triangle
India Tour?:


Taj Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Delhi are the popular landmark to locate India in the world.

To promote tourism world-class infrastructure is developed to closely connect three major cities Delhi, Agra and Jaipur endowed with these prestigious landmarks. The shortest journey embarks triangle on road map.

But What Makes Golden Triangle Tour Unbeatable!

Golden Triangle tour is most popular among first-time visitors to India. The trip enhances your experience to traverse the rich and cultural heritage of India.

But I personally feel that the tour holds an important place in every visitor’s heart who has been to this tourist circuit even before.

For any wanderlust person like me, who have visited Golden triangle tour umpteen time know why it is hard to resist.

I once visited the golden triangle with my friends flying down from the USA, UK or Australia. Golden triangle tour itinerary includes visits to  Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. All my friends were scattered throughout the golden triangle in exotic destinations like Kerala, Mumbai, Goa, Pune, Hyderabad.

We all foregathered in capital city Delhi to initiate our journey to explore the true treasure of India.

Delhi is the Centre of India:


In Delhi, we visited some beautiful Mughal architecture monuments like Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Qutub Minar, Humayun Tomb. We were so tantalized with the serene beauty of the Lotus temple and Akshardham temple.

Few of my friends were so impressed with spicy delightful street Chaats, that they enrolled themselves for cooking classes, organised by our hotel ” Oberoi “. ( The offbeat way to spend holidays)

We headed to Agra after spending 2 days in Delhi.

I was amazed to see the well-maintained roads that made the whole journey, a comfortable and pleasant experience.😃

Agra is a Densely Populated City:


We could view the tranquilizing Taj Mahal, shining bright in the moonlight from our room window. (the most romantic experience that can beat the extravagant setup to woo).

Taj Mahal is a historical monument built by Mughal emperor Shahjahan as a tomb after the unfortunate demise of his wife Mumtaz.

It is been said that it took almost 20 years to complete to build this colossal monument with the beautifully crafted garden surrounding it.

I wonder how beautiful Mumtaz would have been if Shahjahan was so finicky.🤔

Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, and many other interesting monuments make Agra a complete tourist place. The street food, Chaats, petha, and shoes are some local favorites that should not be missed.

We then headed to Jaipur which was 240 km away from Agra after 1 day of a luxurious stay in Agra and was connected to one of the best roads in the country.

Jaipur The City Surrounded by Aravali Ranges:

While heading towards Jaipur from Agra, you can visit Bharatpur bird sanctuary and Ranthambore National park.

We were much interested in spotting a tiger so picked Ranthambore as our next destination.

Ranthambore National park is the most popular tiger reserve in India preserving more than 80 tigers. This reserve falls in golden triangle circuit of India.

We have booked 2 days to enjoy the tiger safari with a luxury stay at Vanya villas.

With good administrative department and erudite guides, we went lucky in spotting a tiger😎.

We were mesmerized with the natural vegetation that adhered every living thing out there in their natural instincts. (Jungle safari as picnic, beat this!!)

Be wild animals or human being, the cruelty is just a reaction to suppressing. Leave them free they will be jovial.

It had been 3 days we left Agra and we were now in Jaipur. Let’s again recall, Jaipur is a beautiful city.

The city has marvelous heritage property of royal families which are now living museum.

Being at Amer Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Hawa Mahal, Albert Museum, and City Palace is an experience that will leave you spellbound with their grandeur and lavish lifestyle.

The walls of the shops in the main market covered in soothing pink are the reason to call this “Pink city of India”.

The hospitality, the interior, the food is opulent to such an extent that you live a dreamy life during your stay. (No extra points in guessing, why this is the first choice for a destination wedding).


The shopping paradise is teeming with the authentic and traditional jeweler, dresses, craft items and even shoes popularly called as “Mojdi”.

We also visited Pushkar which was 2 hours away from Jaipur and was the weekend getaway to enjoy with friends and family.

Famous among solo travelers, and many foreigners, this town seamlessly infuse the pious and pagans beliefs. The only temple in India of Lord Brahma is located here.

The town has several luxurious properties propagandizing as a tourist place. Our 7-day trip came to an end after we return to Delhi.

To conclude again why nothing can beat the luxurious golden triangle trip is the diversity it has to offer.

You get a glimpse of the glorious mystical history while seeing those beautiful architectural monuments.

You indulge in shopping, nightlife and relish on local street savories, knowing the real people and stuff.

You can indulge in tiger safari for settling your adventurous spirit or can click some amazing photographs on rarely seen birds or wild animals for your photography portfolio.

Throughout the journey where you can enjoy the varied form of activities 3 things remain constant

Luxury, comfortable and safety!!

The luxury golden triangle tour packages offered by many tour operators can be customized according to your preferences in jaw-dropping cost.

Don’t miss it!!

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