Top 20 Camping Ideas For Families – With Kids

Waking up at the sunrise, following the exhausting daily routine and fulfilling all your duties. Setting up new goals, working hard to achieve them for a successful present and a better future.

We forget our own comfort, work day and night, face all the struggles for a better lifestyle not only for our own self but for our beloved ones as well.

In this hectic lifestyle when we get vacations, it feels like a blessing in which we can spend some quality time with our family. We make sure to make these holidays, the best and the most enjoyable ones as we can, in which we create lifelong memories with our families.

If you are an adventurous person who loves natural sights and beauty, and if you want your trip to be extra fun and economical so camping essentials is the best vacation option for you and your family.

To make your camping trip a hit here are the top 27 tips for camping with kids (camping ideas for families).

1.  Camping Spot Selection:

For adults, deciding a camping spot is very easy but with kids, it is not that much easy and becomes a matter of concern to parents. Following a few factors must be kept in mind before deciding a camping spot

        Temperature: grown-ups can tolerate any temperature but child especially infants and toddlers they cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. So, choose a camping spot which has a moderate temperature.

·         Safety: when your traveling with your kids’ safety should be your first priority. Mountains and high altitudes are not safe with kids, to keep yourself away from any unwanted incident, try to select a safer camping spot.

·         Wild forest: Camping in forests is a fun idea but with kids, it is a dangerous one because of safety concerns. So, try to avoid camping in forests.

2. Camping Duration:

camping duration while camping

Going on long vacations and adventurous trips like camping for a few days sounds fun but kids are normally happy in their comfort zone, if you will take them on prolonging trips they will enjoy it for a while, but gradually they will start getting annoyed and exhausted. They will start getting homesick.

keep your trip as short and fun as possible so that, you and your kids both can enjoy it. In order to enjoy more keep the camping duration short.

3.  Route:


To reach a destination there are several routes depending on us which one we shall choose. In order to reach your camping spot, you will find several routes.

A long drive is fun to go for, but for kids, it is not that much fun. Kids can get tired or bored since they want constant activities in which they can engage themselves, so sitting in a car seat for hours is tough for them.

Try to keep the travel short. If there is no short route then try to create stops in your journey so that you and your kids can relax and have some fun time.

4.  Money Management:


After doing initial planning, calculate the total expenses of your trip. Try to keep some extra amount of money along so you can use that in any emergency.

Essential things to carry while camping with kids

After planning your camping trip it is time to make a checklist for essential things. Following are some of the essential things you need to carry while camping with kids. For more, information on camping essential you can go through our article “27 backpack essentials for camping – camping checklist

5.  Clothes:


While packing your kid’s clothes, do consider the climatic condition of the camping place and then start packing. Keep 2-4 extra dress of your kid, because they play and turn their clothes dirty very fast. This is important to save yourself from running out of clothes when their clothes get dirty while playing around.

6.  Footwear:

You should carry the 2-3  type of footwear like joggers, slippers because you never know in which one your kid will feel comfortable. If your kid is feeling comfortable in a pair of shoe, but after reaching the camping spot he wants to change his shoes due to discomfort than he can wear the other shoes.

7.  Toys:


Take some toys along to keep the baby engage with them so the baby can enjoy the journey and remain busy in his own activities. Choose those toys to carry along which are lightweight and small in size, does not require any charging like battery consuming remote control cars. So, try to carry stuff toys and other handy toys.

8. Screen Time:


It is an understood fact that screen time is not good for kids. Babies younger than 18 months should not be allowed to have any screen time. Toddlers from 18 months to 2 years can be allowed to have screen time 1 hour a day and kids older than this can have longer screen times. So to keep them engaged during the road trip you can show them their favorite cartoon for some time due to which they will not get bored and travel will be fun for them.

9.  Snacks:


Most kids don’t have proper meals like adults rather we break their meals and give them snacks from time to time. When you’re going out for a trip the travel is long and kids want food after every 3-4 hours so, do carry few snacks along like chips, biscuits, flakes, candies, chocolates, marshmallows. Healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables, dry fruits.

10. Drinks:


In order to keep your kids hydrated it is crucial to carry plenty of water and juices along. For toddlers and infants, you can take the powder milk formula along. If the jar of powder milk formula is large you can have a small container and put some formula in that so that it will be lightweight and easy to carry.

11. Baby Stuff:

If your going on camping with an infant or toddler don’t forget to keep all their stuff like diapers, shopper bags, their plate, cup, spoon, napkin/bibs, and many more things. Whatever stuff you feel is important or your child might need to take that stuff along.

12. Separate Bag:


Take a separate bag in which you can put all your child’s stuff so you don’t need to search for their things. Now different types of bags are there from which you can select the bag of your choice. You can have a side shoulder bag or 2 shoulder bag or a medium size bag which would be easy to carry, and you will remember which things you have put in which place. A recommendation will be to buy a medium-sized baby diaper bag.

13. SunScreen:


Don’t forget to keep sunscreen along because babies have much more sensitive skin than us and they need protection from the sun because easily sunburn can happen to them which can cause their skin to turn pink, reddish, warm. Inflammation can also occur with or without blisters and to save them from all these things sunscreen or sunblock is a must to have along.

14.  Glow Sticks:


You can carry colorful glow sticks so that kids can enjoy the glowing sticks and on the other hand you don’t need to burn the woods for light every time. These will make your trip safer as well.

15. Medication:


You must keep the basic medications along like cough suppressants, analgesics, antipyretics, bandage kit. If you have a diaper wearing kid so do take nappy rash cream along in case due to any condition, they suffer from rashes so that will be helpful.

How to make your camping trip more fascinating?

You’re with your family enjoying the beauty of nature. Since your stay will be for a few days so it is important to keep some fascinating activities as well for pass time during camping. For that, you can do the following activities.

16. Games:


You can play cards or some board games which will provide an enjoyable time with your family since it is essential to spend quality time on a trip.

17.  Bonfire:


If your family gathering is big so you can also do bonfire at the camping side and enjoy with your loves. In bonfire you can make food or enjoy coffee or tea and sit around the bonfire site, talk, laugh, and spend quality time.

18.  Hiking:

hiking while camping

The place where you have set your camp you can go for hiking as well, hiking is a long adventurous walk so by doing this you can enjoy different views and discover more beautiful spots and it will be fascinating as well.

19.  Music:


What could be better than sitting with your family and listening to some good music in a calm and peaceful atmosphere and making some lovely memories? So music can be a very good idea for making your camping trip more gracious.

20.  Fishing:


Fishing might be a very enjoyable activity and interesting activity for your kids. If there is a pond or lake near your camping spot you can teach your children fishing.

21.  Storytime:


Camping should be a fun activity for kids, so to make camping happy and enjoyable do story time with them and tell them some adventurous stories.

22. Counting The Stars:

All kids love watching the sky and counting stars so why not accompany your kids in that.Sit with them count stars and watch the beautiful sky, this will be calming as well as create your family bond stronger, and make your kids feel loved.

Things to avoid

There are a few things you need to avoid in order to explore a better camping experience:

23.  Avoid Over Packing:

Don’t do over packing as it will be tiring, and the bags will be heavy to carry as well.

24.  Avoid Dangerous Activities:

As your planning, this trip with your kids so avoid dangerous plans like mountain climbing activities and exploring wildlife and many more other dangerous activities.

We hope that these camping ideas for families will help you guys in experiencing a better well organized and more entertaining camping trip.

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