Traveling in Ireland? Check Out Some Road Trip Hacks

Traveling In Ireland? If you want to make your road trip to Ireland a wonderful experience then you must plan the trip in advance instead of setting out on an adventure. Adventure lovers may be of little different opinion but even if they do not want to prepare well for the trip, they should have few things in mind at least before starting their road trips. Here are a few road trip hacks you can follow while beginning your weekend or longer journey in Ireland:

  • Keep Road map Handy: Either you can keep a printed road map handy to guide you through roads in Ireland or you can take the guidance of an app on your mobile phone. This will help you to plan your itinerary beforehand or while you are on the go. If you are traveling for the first time, then it is advisable to visit popular places in Ireland. Depending on the number of days in your hand, you can choose to cover locations on the same route or the loop should be at a coverable distance.
  • Bag Some Food: If you keep an eye on discounts at restaurants, you can get a good breakfast or lunch or dinner deals. You will surely get plenty of early bird deals for dinner. Most of the restaurants serve 5-7pm early bird timing at discounted prices without compromising in the quantity or quality of the food, thereby giving you an opportunity to skip lunch and have a combined lunch and dinner. Do not forget to eat heavy breakfast on the day you plan to skip lunch and become an early bird at a restaurant. Also, make sure that you pack up some food to eat on the way which you can buy from a farmer’s market to delight your belly and pocket.
  • Stay Connected: In Ireland, you will find free Wi-Fi at most of the places so you can make use of it for calling family back home, sharing your experience and photos with your family and friends, etc.
  • Add on to the fun: Music has an immense impact on our mind. Your taste of music for the moment reflects your mood. On your road trip carry various albums of your favorite genres, artists, etc. You can hear it loud while moving towards Wild Atlantic Way and other places together with enjoying the scenic beauty, the landscape and your leisure time. You can also opt for your choice of fun in Ireland out of plenty of options available here like books, museums, galleries, cultural nights, movies, events, etc.
  • Special Attractions: Do not forget to cover special attractions in Ireland during your road trip. Museums like Titanic museum, galleries showcasing the work of the greats like Caravaggio, Jack B. Yeats, Paul Henry, etc. are also worth visiting. They are so amazing that you can spend hours there. The best part is that museums and galleries are free in Ireland, so save your expenses and feel the charisma of the museums and galleries. We cannot miss mentioning the heritage sites in Ireland, another popular attraction out of 100+ attractions of Ireland. You can grab free visit to heritage site if you visit there on first Wednesday of the month. Drive to Northern lights, Star Wars movies location, Game of the Thrones territory also has a lot in store for the tourists.

Secure Traveling in Ireland:

Along with all the above road trip hacks, you must also have your vehicle insured for secure traveling in Ireland. If you have hired a vehicle, check with its owner if he has the vehicle insurance or not. Whether you are traveling in a car or a caravan, the car insurance or caravan insurance Ireland cover respectively is a must. Established insurance companies like Britton Insurance are advisable choices for buying Car Insurance Ireland or Caravan Insurance Ireland. It is because they have many plans fitting different requirements of different people. Their prompt services and helpful attitude right from purchasing the policy to the clearing of insurance claims (if the need arises) are added advantage. Besides, they offer multiple solutions under one roof, viz. you can buy mobile home insurance, farm insurance, business insurance, etc. with them in addition to car insurance and caravan insurance Ireland.

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