Grip On Trip Guest Post Guidelines

  • Have an appealing “title”
  • Content must be at least 1000 words. We would love it if it was over 1,500!
  • Content must be original
  • Don’t be too generalized and generic with the topic, please have useful details and try to have a personal/conversational tone
  • Travel. Top X or things to do and destination posts are accepted only if it is detailed and provides values and stats. Or if you have personal experience in that location. Travel tips, advice, stories, events, and culture. Even food! We are interested in top food places and luxury places around the world!
  • Grammatically correct and spell checked
  • Images with all Sub-Headings H2 in the body preferably 800×600.  (1 landscape feature image)
  • Images are referenced and free to be used
  • If you are using stats or data please source them
  • Family-friendly topics
  • No Affiliate Links.
  • We have all rights to edit your post
  • It would be great to send a couple of previously written examples as well.
  • So, please send over your pitch/topic idea. Preferably 3, and we will get back to you asap!

Unfortunately, we do not pay for guest posts. But in return, if you submit an approved article you’ll get an Author bio plus a Backlink back to your blog.

We would love to build a relationship with bloggers. Ask any questions please don’t hesitate! We are keen to hear from you!

So contact us and write for us today